Corporate Intelligence And Analysis Services
These Services has a wide range, like Employment Screening, Undercover Operations, Staff Activities Watch, Secret Audio-Video Recordings, Frauds, Forgery, detection of Theft, Information about Movable and Immovable assets, Collecting movements of Marketing Staff, leak out of Confidential Information, Trademark & Copyrights etc. are some important investigative aspects which when neglected may cause a huge harm to the entrepreneur. This is also includes the professional capabilities your competitor like market position, reputation, suppliers of raw material, potential clients, marketing strategy, background check of potential associates, joint ventures etc. along with his comprehensive profile and structure
Under Cover Operations
There are so many cases are being done by the employees like Pilferage and thefts. We can plant our trained investigator on strategic positions of a targeted establishment to keep an observant on the developments between work force and other activities in the unit to find out any mucky happenings for weekly reporting to the management can interrupt this muck. For each assignment best-suited field detectives and experienced investigators are drafted. Our undercover agent will be your eyes and ears in the establishment for keeping you fully posted with all the happenings enabling you to take timely corrective actions.
Pre-Post Employment Investigation

This is very Important to knowing the prior history of your staff. This includes work experience, responsibilities and duties, eligibility for re-hire, performance rating, and wages and over all work attitudes. Every entrepreneur has a right to know everything of his employees before or after giving him/her a task or post
Pre-Employment Investigation
This is best thing for those who are about to enter in a new business deal or hire on the new employees. These types of verifications are conducted before the recruitment of short listed candidates. This helps to pick the best team by picking up the right person for the right post.
Eagle Eye Group conform your employment references prior to recurring them to a potential employer assures you for the accuracy of the employment detail and will provide job seekers with professional, confidential and reasonably priced verifications of their Employment references from ex. employers. Our teams dose all verifications discreetly & secretly without showing their identity.
Post-Employment Investigation
When the person has been already taken for a post and there are lurking apprehensions about something’s being amiss. It can involve making integrity checks of existing staff to ensure against the internal information losses, which is now not an uncommon practice indulges by your competitors.
Eagle Eye Group is providing the absolute best to best Services in all major cities in Albania. To accomplish that our investigators are committed to performing every assignment accurately, secretly and be complete on time.

Assets / Wealth Verification

Verification of movable and immovable properties is necessary in all cases related to claims/loans of banking and non-banking Finance
organizations. Because their whole financial operation are based on correct verification of assets/properties. Find out the
assets/properties of defaulter borrowers, judgment debtors and corrupt employees to recoveries and execute decrees/notices.
We divide a person’s assets in 4 general categories :
Property papers record: – This includes the name of the actual owner of any residence/shop/office or land along with the actual cost of the property.
Bank Account/Insurance policies/FD’s: – this includes where the person has saving accounts, current accounts recurring deposits, fixed deposits and any ULIP. Our team collects all evidence against these assets from their holders through personnel meetings and RTI.
Other Records:-It includes all limited and private Ltd. companies listed in ROC of Albania. This service provide details of their Business partners, capital invested business location, annual turnover, balance sheet, P.F. details and income or sales tax details etc.
Vehicle Ownership verification: It includes the name, address and license number of the owner of any vehicles along with Manufacturing year and any accidental record of the vehicle.

Copyright & Patent Solution

There are so many counterfeit products are undetected due to similar looks /logos to the authentic once and damage the reputation and sales of the original manufacturer. Our investigation teams catch the suspected activities of counterfeiter and their agents to identify the subspecies product/manufacturing units, distributors and wholesalers and obtain evidences for legal processors.
For tracing these type of counterfeiter and their wholesalers our investigative teams conduct the market survey to seek out the manufacturing unit of an identified infringement. After that our team conducts the raids under Trade Mark and Copyright Act with the help of court order /police/crime branch teams.