Pre-Post Matrimonial Verifications

Pre-Matrimonial Verification
In modern era there are so many cases where the couples are having physical or mental relationships with others, but due to many reason they get married elsewhere and Sometimes continues even after marriage. And when this is detected by the spouse and during the subsequent life spam one feels cheated and thus they spends a miserable life thereafter.
Eagle Eye Group will take a step forward to understand the importance of the correct information regarding would be, spouse, Before
taking the most important decision of life (Marriage). The verification covers these following aspects :
-Job Profile, Salary and Reputation at the work place.
-Character, Previous Marriage (if any) and Daily Routine with hour to hour basic.
-Temperamental Details and any illness.
-Family Background. Financial Status, Social Status.
-Alcoholic, Smoker, Drug Abuse and other general bad or good habits.
Post Matrimonial Verification
There are so many marital alliances developing problems due to suspected activities or adultery by the spouse and it becomes impossible to living
together and they may occurs some serious problems like separation and court cases for divorce. We conduct pre martial verifications to answer
any questions you may have before marriage. This service is highly recommended to couples who have met their future spouse on any internet
dating service.
Then you need our assistance for extra marital affair, daily routine check for material evidences of your spouse, which will also stand good in the
court of law.
We also cover the matter of child possession, alimony/maintenance, deviation in property, curiosity to know the future plans and activities of your

Tracing Missing Persons

Our trained investigators can easily find out the ware bouts of a missing person and his/her family so that the cheated companies or an Individual can contact or catch the missing person. It includes kidnapping, theft, fraud, criminals tracing.
Some time so many companies or an individual has been make a wrong commitment/submit false papers for loan or Partnership purpose then we can trace them or give you their accurate details so that you will not be cheated by anyone. We have all type of software’s and database which can help us to find out missing person.
Surveillance/ Static Watch Services

Action Detective Network is attracted with the honest, unassuming surveillance investigators team available. We have built our reputation on the effectiveness of our surveillance and static watch. We are providing with state of the art surveillance equipment and bring a creative approach to each surveillance assignment for getting the best to best evidences.

We covers these type of surveillance:
– Mobile Surveillance, Static Surveillance
-Video Surveillance & Still Photography
-Interviewing Techniques, Inquiries
-Statement Talking, Court Testimony

Spouse Fidelity/Cheating Spouses

Our Professional and trained Investigators can find out if your spouse is having an affair. Although give you the peace of mind caused by misperceptions. Our investigation is strictly confidential, and discreet. Your privacy is on the top of our policy. Our experienced Investigators are highly experienced for these types of services. So Don’t hesitate to protect your family, assets and health. Our investigations can help you in divorce cases with detailed reports and professional video tape evidence that stands up in the court.

Alimony / Divorce Cases

Eagle Eye Group is having a special team to collect the evidences in the matter of matrimonial court cases. To obtain the salary proof or collect the documentary evidence of your spouse’s assets and bank accounts etc and also on the other end the job proof to eliminate the maintenance are very important. We think that the fight for truth is a first right of the human being and one should Achieve the correct evidence and must get the right judgment from the court of law. In this service we also provide best to best video /still photographs or documentaryevidences for show the fact’s of the case.