Legal & Insurance Services

Litigation Support /Evidences

Eagle Eye Group has an experience team to assists in preparing for litigations and in designing a settlement strategy for our clients. They can provide you to identify and collect required evidences for civil or administrative matters, divorce matters, labor court matters, locating witnesses and document collection. Surveillance with video support can also be provided by our team. The service is totally supportive to obtain the desired result of legal remedy.
We also obtain voice statements and proofs of evidence, asset search, witnesses tracing, secret Investigations and Bona fides of business matters. The whole of Albanian Penal Code and criminal procedure code are based of substantive proof /evidences. Legal battle is fought in the Court of law but we can collect such information and relevant evidence which can help you collecting evidence and Witness required for criminal, civil or administrative cases. So feel free to contact us between our official timing’s.

Insurance Defence Verifications

Eagle Eye Group also provide this Service by highly trained Detective Agents to assist the insurance company and to check the bona fides of suspected fraudulent and inflated claims. Relevant enquiries as well as inquiries are used to provide full details of the claimants to determine the loss, liability and quantum to our clients. Our report collaborated with photo’s / video evidence to locates and interview witnesses, physical survey of commercial and industrial premises, and conducts extensive background investigations of claimants so that no one can cheat or fraudulent to anyone.