Specialized Services

Debugging /Anti Bug Services

We can provide you these services on a nominal daily basic or on rent so that everyone can have their confidential meetings safe and secure by these equipments.
Our technical team can find out and neutralize dropping devices and sensors suspected to have been planted at any strategic point by an opponent to know the confidential discussions in the residence or office premises. Because your competitor can take unfair and illegal gains of business information and policy plans. We know that secured functioning is the key to success in today’s time of competition.

Handwriting Authentication / DNA Testing

This service is specifically covers fraudulent manipulations and misusing the name of innocent’s. That causes a major loss to the corporate And individual also. This extent, to which handwriting may be misused, is beyond imagination and astonishing.
We have tie ups with DNA testing labs for individuals who can came to know the facts regarding their dought’s at nominal charges. Unauthorized persons may sign cheques of very large amounts.
To eliminate all these issues we have a team of experts to catch the cheater immediately. Action Detective Network has an association with the finest Forensic Experts and with the help of their modest techniques even unforeseen Finger/foot prints could be accessible.

Unique Consultancy /Professional Advice

Do you Need any type of advice? You can Get information/consultancy from our professionals. We will provide you professional consultation on investigation matters to meet your needs. Providing a professional consultancy / advice to the business community & individuals specifically designed to meet their all type of demands. Our aim to serve a wide range of sectors around the world helping prevent, or respond to, everything from financial irregularity to employee and contract disputes, insurance fraud, business promotions and personal or family matters with special consultation to NRI’s. We recognize that our clients’ problems are unique and therefore have not attempted to cover every eventuality. We advice on these following areas.
-Financial / Insurance Fraud
-Business Promotions, Market Survey
-Personal Matters, family dispute’s
-Married life problems
-Matrimonial Issues

Audio Recording

Our Investigators are using this service in almost every investigation for authentic information and client’s satisfaction. Audio surveillance is one of the most powerful evidence available to Investigators. It is an undeniable proof of statement that can be a powerfully. It is strongly suggested that before you make any attempt to record a conversation with a Phone Recorder or with any other device, you speak with a Lawyer as well as consulting all applicable local and Federal laws. Because audio recording is a secondary evidence in IPC. But sometimes it will be very helpful to reopen any close case or with documentary proof’s.

Video Surveillance/Video Monitoring

Our Trained Investigators keep a close eye on various personal activities with the help of our latest surveillance cameras & vehicles. These types of investigations are undertaken after receiving authentic permission from authentic sources. Under the roof of these services, We observe the person’s complete activities from morning to evening. In video surveillance, we collect various authentic records to analyze person’s activity. This service is being used by any type of investigation either it’s personal or corporate.