Detective Agency in Albania

Detective Agency in Albania for Solving Personal & Corporate Cases

No one can deny the fact that detective agencies have become one of the essentialities of modern times. So much so that it can be said that their Services have become almost a must in today’s era. Then whether it is at personal level or at commercial or corporate their Services are an absolute must. Yes, it is true that in solving even the personal differences the Services of detective agencies are opted for. The divorce cases are the most common example of this. Property dispute is also one category that can be bracketed in this club. Corporate cases like corporate frauds or partnership breaches are some of the corporate cases where the service of a detective agency is opted for.
Now the question that arises is that if the Services of these detective agency in Tirana are so important then which is the detective agency whose Services are most opted for. Well, answer to this is easy for when it comes to private detective agencies then there is just one name that people opt for and that is Eagle Eye Group. But why is it that whenever one thinks of a detective agency then Eagle Eye Group is one name that people generally opt for. Well, on most occasions people opt for it because it is the most affordable Eagle Eye Group agency in Albania. Not to forget the fact that it also treats each case with extreme confidentiality. The success rate of the agency over the years has also been tremendous. The agency has a heart in its otherwise extremely tough body. This human side of this agency is also one reason for its astounding success over the years.
All the above mentioned reasons combine together to make Eagle Eye Group the most sought after detective agencies in Albania. Particularly in Tirana, where it is based, its popularity has to be seen to believe. Quite a few high profile cases have been solved here by this agency. It also boasts of a clientele list which has some extremely high profile clients enrolled. No wonder then that when it comes to detective agencies theirs is one name which has the most impeccable record with no other agency capable of rivaling its Services.
Judging by the popularity that Eagle Eye Group enjoys it is not difficult to deduce that coming days would be even better for this agency whose reputation is all set to soar even more.

Where to Look for Spy Gadgets in Albania?

The importance of spy gadgets simply cannot be ruled out. These are useful not only for detective agencies but also for individuals. And yes, also for investigative journalists. In nutshell it can be summed up that any “operation” that requires collection of evidences would require such gadgets. And it is this reason that has catapulted the demand for such equipments to stratosphere. Now the question that arises is that what are the requirements of the above mentioned people that they require spy gadgets. Well, it must be understood that these gadgets are mostly required by detective agencies that have to collect information and evidences on behalf of their clients. Then individuals also collect secretive information for themselves and investigative journalists often have to resort to such spy gadgets for collecting evidences against criminals or politicians.
What is worth mentioning here is that most of the demands for spy gadgets in Albania come from private detective agencies and private detective Services in Tirana. Its not difficult to understand why. Tirana being capital is prone to more crimes and hence there are more detective Services based here. Moreover Tirana being the capital of Albania it has offices of all the newspapers and news channels. They also require these gadgets from time to time for their stories.
Now the question that arises is that where can one opt for these spy gadgets in Albania. Well, one most favored destination for people and organizations who want such gadgets is Eagle Eye Group. Here it would also be worth noting that Eagle Eye Group only rent out these gadgets. Now the question that arises is that why is it that whenever one want any spy gadget he thinks only of is them. Well, answer to this is simple. First of all one can avail spy gadgets at very economical rate here. Then these gadgets are in extremely good condition and thirdly the organization treats all such information with extreme confidentiality.
These entire reasons combine together to make Eagle Eye Group the most sought after detective service in Albania. The main reason for it can be said to be the fact that it has won the confidence of people over the years and if the current popularity that Eagle Eye Group enjoys is anything to go by then it can easily be said that coming days would see its popularity grow even more.

Protect Your Copyright through Albanian Copyright Office

Have you been thinking of publishing a memoir? Well, this can happen faster than you think. Second thing that comes to your mind is Copyright, what if someone uses the stuff you have written, how can you protect your work?
Here, are the answers to some of basic questions for you. If there is anything more you want to know or need any help regarding copyright?    Copyright is used to describe the right a writer/ creator has over his/her works (The symbol © implies copyright). It is an intellectual property right. The minute you write and publish something, you have the copyright by default! Though, it is formalized by registering.
Copyright protects by law any literary, dramatic, artistic and musical work including films, soundtracks, and computer programs. Copyright means the exclusive right to reproduce, translate or adapt the work for public dissemination and performance by any means. Once published, you enjoy copyright to your work during your lifetime and your heirs have the rights for another 60 years. You can choose to transfer your complete, partial or territorial rights as per your priorities.
The Albanian Copyright Act empowers the authors by providing moral rights also; Moral rights are rights of the author even after he has transferred his copyrights for business purposes.
They allow an author to claim damages in case of distortion of facts, modification, mutilation of his work or any disrepute or dishonor. Moral rights can be exercised when one observes gross violation of the literary work. It varies across countries. Albania empowers authors by providing the moral rights.
If someone violates your copyright the first step would be to check if it was out of sheer ignorance and remind them to rectify the mistake but if he continues without your permission, then you can hire our Services. Our detective agency in Tirana provides copyright raid Services throughout Albania.
We have solutions for your every problem regarding copyrights as we have the best team of professionals who are the pioneers of the field.
The best thing about our agency is we work independently without getting pressurized by any kind of government or public intervention and secondly we deliver results in time.
So don’t worry about your creative work, for any issue regarding copyright trust the trusted, as we are the best and affordable Copyright Raids Agency in Albania.
If the other party is non conciliatory and maximizing profit on your work, then it is an outright criminal offence. You may lodge an official police complaint.

Looking for Verification for Employee's, Get Background Check Services in Tirana

With growing employment opportunities in Albania, need for pre-employment verification is felt badly as every company wants to ensure that they get the right employee.
Often many companies come across erroneous information on resumes while hiring prospective candidates for various positions. People give fake information to get the job for which either they are not eligible or capable.
Before you put them on the payroll you’d like to know their true identities as nobody wants to run the risk of hiring a person who was a failure in his previous job, who has committed a crime, threatened corporate security or may not even have the necessary qualification for the job. Hiring such people can create problems for your company.
How to get relevant information about each job aspirant before making a job offer?
Take help of the best, we offer Background Check Services; through pre-employment investigation or employee background check companies can quickly verify identities and verify whether the information provided by the candidate is correct or not, enabling them to make hiring decisions in a timely, systematic and perfect manner.
If verification of employee’s and their background check is not initiated, the company may be blamed for any illegal actions done by the individual after he or she is employed with the company. Hence, whether you are a small, local business owner or a global Fortune 500 company you need to protect yourself from negligent hiring liability by carrying out verification of employee’s and their background check before hiring people.
We are the pioneers of the field having experience of over Nineteen years, we have our distinct way. We carry out investigation in a number of ways, by taking into consideration a number of factors relating to the background of the potential employee; these include the employee’s academic history, credit history, employment history, criminal records and other qualifications. Our private detective agency Tirana provide these Services throughout Tirana.
It also ensures that the company has hired a person with the necessary skills, qualifications and experience. Verification of employee’s and their background check offers increased safety to companies, which in the long run helps in creating a better and healthy working environment.
Hence it is a low-cost way of significantly reducing employee dishonesty and notably increasing productivity.
So, if you need any information of your employees do try our Services as we are the best and affordable service providers in verification of employee’s and their background check.

Asset Verification agency in Albania: Asset Verification-A Must For Every Corporation

Assets details of individuals are regularly required by individuals as well as institutions for various reasons including recovery of debt or during any litigation.
Eagle Eye Group provide the support and expertise to pursue and locate a particular asset or determine all the assets of an individual.
Our company has the distinction of having pursued and achieved a very high rate of success for verification of assets. These verifications of assets owned by an individual or company enabled the banks and other financial institution to recover partially or fully their dues. Assets verification has also helped various individuals during divorce settlement or any other court proceeding.
We have conducted hundreds of asset investigations and aided our clients in recovering millions of rupees in terms of hidden assets from their debtors. The said activity is conducted in the most secret manner and very professionally.
Asset Management Systems
For situations that demand a more detailed accounting of assets, Parasnath Detectives offers a comprehensive asset management solution.
Annual Updates
Personal property and business property inventories can become outdated as individual items are bought or sold. Eagle Eye Group offer an optional annual update service.
Gathering information regarding assets is not every body’s cup of tea, as mostly people reveal doctored information in order to some times attract attention but most of the time they keep it secret to avoid undue hype.
Therefore it becomes tough for getting the exact status of an individual or an organization for any reason, to fulfill your requirements you need somebody to help you out in these times.
Before going for a private detective agency in Tirana make sure you have approached the right one; as experience and legal knowledge is necessary.
To find private detective service provider in Tirana, all you need to do is to look in to local phone books such as the yellow pages or even easier and handy; the internet for complete listing of private detective agencies.
So if you are looking for satisfactory private detective Services and that too on an affordable price then there is nothing better than Eagle Eye Group ; the best and affordable private detective agencies in Tirana.
Eagle Eye Group are among the countries leading private detective service providers, as they offer specialized Services to suit their client’s requirements, that too at an affordable price with satisfactory results.

Matrimonial Detectives: Solution to all Pre and Post Matrimonial Issue

Matrimonial detectives have become a prenuptial ritual as far as trusting your better half is concerned. This is because these days it has been observed that going to be wedded partners tend to betray their would-be partners and bring disharmony in the relationship. That is why it is of paramount importance to get the identity and character of your partner thoroughly checked before making arrangements for the D-Day.
Matrimonial detectives are those investigators who unfold the mystery whether your partner is cheating on you or is addicted with bad habits. These specialized investigators extensively search about all the truths related with your spouse and timely inform you about new discoveries.
Matrimonial detectives can be good source to reclaim peace of mind as they can provide impeccable information about your partner and give you room to think about compatibility of long term relationship. Therefore, your anxiety can be ended and you are no more taking apprehensive decision about your married life.
Matrimonial detectives provide wide range of Services for personal as well as domestic investigation. Some of these specialized Services include adultery, character investigation, court evidence, background checks, dispute and divorce investigations, surveillance, second marriage testimonials, hidden assets and income issues, and pre nuptial investigations.
You can trust matrimonial detectives for unfolding mysteries about character of your spouse and therefore, lead a comfortable and peaceful life. In other words, matrimonial investigators can provide solutions to half of your major problems concerned with your married life.
One name you can trust upon for professional Services of matrimonial detectives is Eagle Eye Group. They have a specialized team having zeal to sort out the problems of clients in the best possible manner.
This private detective agency in Tirana lays great emphasis on providing satisfactory solutions to all their apprehensions so that they come to know about the hard core truth. So, use their specialized detective investigation Services and discover all the hidden truths about your spouse.