Our Cutting Edge

-All of our investigators are familiar with our policies and standards. They work with the knowledge of the relevant Private Investigators limit and criteria, the Criminal Code of Albania and the charter of Rights.

-Our each investigation is confined to the type and scope of investigations requested by our client.

We have a dedicated team for all type of personal or corporate investigation. We are here to serve you best to best.

-Information developed through our investigations will not be use for any other purpose other than reporting to Our client or their representative.

-We feel pride to take a genuine & honest effort each time an assignment is undertaken by us.

-All reports are written in a third person narrative, describe only after investigators observations in an objective Unbiased fashion. Reports are chronological and retain secure all notes and other evidences collected for the Purpose of next time.

-Video footage obtained will be factual. No attempt is ever made to alter or edit the video in order to present a biased View of the subject’s disabilities or abilities under our observation.

-If for any reason the investigator is unable to video tape the activities of the person concerned, he or she is instructed to report their visual observation in the same fashion.

-Our video footage displays continuous date and time indicators. Reports are always verified to ensure that the written reports are always consistent with the video footage obtained.

-Eagle Eye Group is a cost-effective investigation firm with unmatched quality & foremost Services in Investigation assignments in all over Albania.

-We are providing the Investigation services in all over Albania in major cities like Durres, Elbasan, etc. We have our trained investigators in these cities for all type of investigation.