Which cities are under your cover in Albania?

Certainly we are taking cases from most of the cities of Albania. In-fact most of the cases are coming from outside Tirana.
Our Agency Is a part of Global era, professional of reputed Albanian and International Detectives. We seek assistance from our local Investigators of Albanian cities to handle cases outside capital, furthermore we send our senior Investigators to handle cases in that particular city.

How can you receive the payment?

You can make payments through Paypal or similar services, so in case you don’t like our services you will be fully refunded. All payments should be made in the favor of our company payable at Tirana

How much time you will take on an assignment?

After obtaining details of the investigative Assignments we will be able to give you a time-frame projection. It will be between 2-10 days. It all dependent upon the matter of investigation and complexity of the case.

What is your Service Charges?

Our charges are based on the type of Investigation that we have been asked to Do. Before quoting the charges, We first request the details of the case and we will calculate a budget and time-frame. Once this has been agreed, We will provide you the account Number and other details you required.

What is the Authenticity of your Reports?

The best to best authentic thing is that our every line of reports will have the sufficient proofs against them. Either its video or audio. All of our reports are 100% authentic.

Can I see your client list?

Our profession does not allow us to expose our personal clients list for the reason Of confidentiality and Honesty.

Is your investigation is 100% confidential?

All of our investigations are 100% confidential and secret. Even our field investigators Does not know that who is the client and what is the purpose of this investigation. All the conversations and reports are being kept in such a confidential manner that only assigned our chief investigative officer.

How can you give me the reports?

You may collect your report personally or we can send it through Email, Currier Documents or proofs can also be sent via the Same methods. Still photographs will be scanned and sent as E-mail if required and video Footage can be sent in the usual format or CD/DVD.

What is your company background & What type of experience your investigators have?

Our company is hiring the investigators who are trained in the best private investigator training and education programs.
We have built up a reputation of being able to understand our client’s needs and then provide a remarkable solutions keeping in mind their financial boundaries and time frame and the exact requirements.